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Manuscript receiving is absolutely free. Excellent Editorial Standards.Cost effective access for standards.A rigorous, fast and constructive peer review process.Abstracts are available for free online.
“ERES International Journals Solicit Original Research Papers”
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ERES (Excellent Research in Engineering and Science) Journals emphasis to explore new horizons of the ever innovative field of Engineering and Science. Development and implementation of important research and education initiatives, as well as technical innovation in the pursuit of science will also be considered note-worthy criteria for the promotion. ERES International journal is the finest peer-reviewed journal in the field of engineering and science on the basis of its originality, importance, inter disciplinary interest, accessibility and conclusions.

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We are always looking for authors and institutes who are interested in publishing their conference and proceedings/special issues of journals. We ensure that your work reaches the maximum success. We strongly believe in being in close contact with all our authors on the production, promotion and giving out of their Journals. Please send all inquiries and proposals by email to:
Chief Editor, ERES Publications,

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We are glad to publish one of our journals; name is “ERES International Journal of Computer Networks” with enhanced Academic Research. We strongly believe that you will appreciate the coverage of this journal to meet the requirements of Research scholars.We shall be glad to receive your technical contributions at your earliest convenience. Please publicize the journal amongst your colleagues for possible contribution and subscription.  If you find any difficulty / queries, please feel free to contact us by email We request you to kindly recommend this journal to your library and the department library. Kindly consider this as a token of our kind request. We have enclosed subscription form and price list along with this letter. Looking forward your continuous co-operation with subscribe the journal for future research. Thanking you Regards,

Chief Editor
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ERES International Journal of Computer Networks, Published by ERES Publications

ERES International journal of Computer Networks which provide an opportunity for researchers / Authors to demonstrate their creativity and innovation in computer networks area. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementers. The Editorial Board was instrumental in reviewing journal papers and provides overall guidance and information. The following topics covered by the journal but not limited to these are: Computer Network Architectures, Computer Network Protocols, Network Services and Applications, Network Security and Privacy, Network Operation and Management.

Topic Covered Network protocol, Network Architecture, Next generation Communication Networks, Multi Model Communication Networks Network Management, Middle ware support for networking, Fault detection and Management Routing and flow Control, VANET, MANET, Wireless Sensor Network, Telecommunication Network,

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